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Love’s Shining Light

Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances


Treasure hunting is loaded with danger and charged with love.

The hunt for Lincoln’s Lost Gold has led the team to Northern Idaho. For Heath Macgregor, explosives specialist, it’s the chance of a lifetime. He can’t wait to use his stash of illegal dynamite to blow up a mountain and uncover a gold mine. His cut of the haul will allow him to live carefree, and single, surfing in his beloved Southern Cali.

Jessie Adams is the sheltered daughter of the team’s investor. On a mission to prove she’s not just a spoiled rich kid, Jessie inserts herself into the treasure hunt without a clue as to what she’s doing. She’s not looking for love, but she can’t deny her attraction to Heath and his laid-back attitude.

Heath and Jessie spark an instant attraction, but a dangerous treasure hunt is no place for a novice or a new romance. The Mob is ready to steal their spoils and the Lincoln Historical Society aims to keep the gold mine a secret by any means necessary. Can Heath protect Jessie and still save Lincoln’s Gold from the enemies who want to snatch it away?

Lincoln’s Lost Gold Series

Join Heath, Jessie, Bridger, Texas, Radley, Deacon, Leo, and Sophia as the treasure hunt reaches its thrilling conclusion. Fans of Indiana Jones and National Treasure will love this adventure wrapped in romance!

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