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The Lucky Billionaire is in audio, and it's free!

I have not had much time in the past three years to devote to books, but that is a discussion for another day. But it means I've been very slow to release my existing catalog in all the different formats like ebook, paperback, and audio. I am working on it (slowly) and am so thrilled to have The Lucky Billionaire out in audio!

And the best part is, it's free. You can listen to the entire book now, on YouTube: Here

Ty has never considered himself lucky in life or in love, until now.

When Ty Epperson wins a fortune in the Idaho lottery, he’s determined to put his sudden wealth to good use, even if it means hiring Holland, a Los Angeles image consultant who has never met a credit card she doesn’t like. Ty is willing to put up with Holland’s bossiness if it means she’ll help him launch his pet project, The Epperson Foundation.

Holland Morrissey isn’t quite sure how Ty convinced her to put her life on hold and relocate to Hailey, Idaho to help with his foundation. Maybe it’s because the guy doesn’t have a clue about style and needs all the help he can get. Or maybe it’s his dedication to his cause. Or maybe it’s something else—like the goosebumps that seem to break out whenever their eyes meet. As the weeks go by and she and Ty grow closer, Holland has to continually remind herself she has a life, and a boyfriend, in LA.

But not all their plans for the foundation are popular and someone is determined to stop them, putting everyone and everything at risk.

This version of the audiobook was produced using an AI narrator. AI is also a discussion for another day.

I hope you enjoy it!

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