What’s on my Kindle – Daniel Banner,Christine Kersey, and Erica Penrod!

What’s on my Kindle – Daniel Banner,Christine Kersey, and Erica Penrod!

 New releases from my favorite sweet romance Authors

The Peaceful Warrior

by Daniel Banner

Daisy Close wants a man who will put her first, not work around the clock or run off with his buddies on a whim. On a relaxing train trip along the Pacific Coast, she meets a bodyguard who seems too good to be true. Sophisticated, handsome, strong, and sensitive enough to spend his day with the five-year-old girl he is guarding. And Daisy can’t get enough of his life-is-good smile.

Ex-Navy SEAL Cannon Culver has never met anyone like Daisy. She is everything light and good, and with the darkness he’s seen growing up and as a Navy SEAL, he needs her brightness in his life. But his former SEAL Team members in the Warrior Project still rely on him in life and death situations.

When things go bad, Cannon is forced to choose between his duty and the woman he loves. If he can’t figure out his priorities, he could lose what’s most important to him.

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Game On

by Christine Kersey

Tired of his family giving him a hard time about his lackluster love life, NFL running back Tyler Brandrick tells them he has a girlfriend. When they ask him if she’ll be coming with them on their annual Yellowstone camping trip, he says yes. Too bad she doesn’t exist.

Brielle Hanson is in desperate need of a job. Recently let go, she doesn’t have enough money to make rent, so when the dog she’s walking gets away from her and races to the handsome stranger in the park, she strikes up a conversation. Good thing he makes an offer she can’t refuse.

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Soulmates (Heaven and a Cowboy Book 2)

by Erica Penrod

Abbie Dawson left everything behind when she set out for college four years ago. She had to get away from the place she and Jess fell in love; but, hidden in her heart was another truth: she had to distance herself from Caleb, Jess’s older brother. She’d dreamt of and loved Caleb beyond anything she’d known in this world and had chosen his brother instead.

When Abbie returns to Greyson, Idaho to fill the position as the town librarian and the past comes walking through the door, she’s forced to remember the magic between she and Caleb. But Caleb has moved on, he’s dating another woman and Abbie intends to do the same with Travis Doyle, the new guy she met. She knows that whatever she and Caleb discovered in their dreams was never meant to be here, on this side of the night.

Caleb can’t have Abbie, he never could, other than in his dreams where she was his and only his. He spent years trying to forget her, and even found someone else, but that doesn’t stop his heart from remembering all the ways she once loved him the moment he sees her again. The guilt of loving his brothers girl carved a hole in his soul and drove him to the point of hallucinating. He’s seen visions of Jess, even imagined Jess telling him to love Abbie. He can’t take the chance of giving in to his desires, no matter what his brother says. Guardian angel or not, Jess is wrong.

How could Abbie be his soulmate when fate has done nothing but drive them apart?

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