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Love in Honor Given – Release Glitch

Love in Honor Given – Release Glitch

So, there may be a problem.

There’s been a glitch in my upcoming release – Love in Honor Given. I’ve been on the phone with Amazon and long story short … I had to cancel the preorder and re-upload the file, which was NOT part of the plan. The links in Book One and on my social media and website go to an error screen. If you preordered Love in Honor Given, you should have received an email that it was canceled. 🤦‍♀️

The replacement upload is in review now and I’m praying, praying, PRAYING, there are no delays and things go smoothly. I’ll post the new link when I get it. Release date is still 8/13 unless … well, let’s not even think about that right now.

Much love, everyone. I’m sorry for the issues!

Edit – here’s the working link. Yay!