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Birds, birds, birds

Birds, birds, birds

It started with this mercury glass owl I found at Hobby Lobby. Then it moved on to owl prints, owl screen savers, and a Pinterest board devoted to owls.

… Then I found the eagle live cams and spent all spring watching the baby eagles grow up.

… Then I put a wild bird feeder in the backyard and have had fun adjusting the various seed mixtures to draw all kinds of birds. Last night we had a family of quail with adorable babies!

… Then I found parrot videos on YouTube. Pebble is my favorite but there’s also Harley, Max, Parrot Playhouse, and Petra Gray.*

… Then I started visiting the exotic bird rescue near my house. Yesterday, I met my first Moluccan cockatoo in person. And I fell in love in 14 seconds…

This beauty has a strange name that I can’t remember and she’s not available for adoption (she was hanging out at the store while her owners were away). But even if she were adoptable, I wouldn’t do it. My family thinks it’s only a matter of time before I come home with a bird, but they can rest easy. I do not have time to care for a bird, especially one as complicated as a cockatoo. Plus, this video doesn’t do it justice, but Moluccans are the loudest parrots in the world and those chirps were unbelievable! My ears were ringing by the time we left.

So I’ll continue to visit and enjoy them outside and probably bug you once in a while with bird posts. And who knows, there might even be a bird rescuer in one of my books someday. May as well put this interest to use, right?

*Just FYI: Pebble was abused and taught bad language by some of her previous owners. Her current owner does not encourage the swearing, but she busts out some very salty language sometimes.