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The Passionate One is in Audio! And it’s Free.

The Passionate One is in Audio! And it’s Free.

I am way late to the party on audio books. (Also, very late updating this site, but that’s another story.) Anyway, we’re getting there. The Passionate One is available in audio on YouTube and it’s free!

Erin put Matt firmly in the friend zone. But he’s not taking no for an answer.

As the creator of the Billionaire Bride Pact, Erin Parker is determined to see it through. And now that superstar actor Brennan Avery has been cast as her costar in a play destined for Broadway, things couldn’t be better.But Erin’s best friend, Matt Walters, isn’t ready to give up on her. He has a plan to escape the friend zone and prove to Erin that there are more important things than money and fame.

I loved writing this book and going through the audio has made me love it all over again. Erin is kind of a sticky character and coaxing her through her personal growth was challenging. She is impulsive and tends to look before she leaps, but most of her troubles come from her big heart and her desire to help others.

Matt is a perfect foil for Erin’s flightiness. He’s calm and steady and always willing to help Erin get out of her predicaments. In so many ways, he is modeled after my husband, Dan. I am not quite so flighty as I used to be, but Dan has had to get me out of a fair number of fixes–always with his gentle, patient smile. I wouldn’t be here without him.

Writing this book was a bit of my love letter to him, an acknowledgement of all he does for me and how much I love and cherish him.

Narrated by the fantastic Emma Faye.

Go here to start listening. Free on YouTube!