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5 Things That make Me Laugh

Updated: Feb 17

Is social media dying? I think in a lot of ways, the answer is yes. TikTok changed the game, leaving other giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rushing to catch up. I noticed a huge drop in engagement on my own Instagram page, which became a bit of a self-fulfilling monster -- the lower the engagement, the less motivated I was to post, and the less I posted, the lower the engagement.

That trend has spilled over to Pinterest as well.

Pinterest had mostly lost me before TikTok happened, but those reasons can be discussed another day. The point is, I used to be pretty active on Pinterest, scrolling, pinning, and especially, making boards for my books. (You can find them here.)

Sometimes I still like to log on and scroll through all my boards and remember the person I was when I made them.

One of my absolute favorite boards is Silly Stuff -- harmless jokes and funny things found online that make me laugh. If Pinterest goes away, I don't want to lose all that. So, I'm going to start reposting them here and here's part 1 of my pirated pins that make me laugh:

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