My Candy Christmas

My Candy Christmas

This year our decorations revolve around the dog and what he may or may not do to them. Last night we discovered he loves candy canes and, while he’s tried to be careful around the tree, he’s 75 pounds of crazy energy and we’ve already had a few mishaps. So my tree is covered with plastic ornaments that have no sentimental value and I’m not too upset when something breaks.

For the years we don’t have the pet worries, I like to have a theme. And one of our favorites is our candy themed Christmas. We’ve collected quite a stock of ornaments. Some years we make gingerbread cookies to hang on the tree, and some years we don’t. But we always do the popcorn strands, with red beads instead of real cranberries. Here are a few pictures from years’ past. (Click them for a bigger image.)

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