Indigo Bay Christmas Romances are Here!

Indigo Bay Christmas Romances are Here!

It’s time – the Indigo Bay Christmas Romances series launched today! I put the final touches on Sweet Noel this morning and uploaded the final version. I’m still working on my paperback proof, but it should be up and ready to go on launch day, one week from today.


I love Indigo Bay. I love the people, the places, the very idea of it. It’s always a treat to come back and write another book for this town and I have especially loved this Christmas series.

Jean C. Gordon’s is the first book and you can start reading it now:

Sweet Tidings

Amanda Strickland wants her first Christmas as mayor of Indigo Bay to be a civic success from the animal shelter fundraiser to benefit gala to the traditional tree lighting. And movie-star acquaintance Eric Slade may be just the ingredient she needs to pull it all off.

Eric wants to put the paparazzi off him and the young co-star of his last film—and protect his fragile relationship with the grown son he never spent much time with when his son was growing up. When he proposes a pretend holiday romance between him and Amanda, it seems like a win-win for them both.

But what will happen when the pretend romance turns real and snafus on both sides threaten to crush their Christmas plans and hearts?

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