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Get Feels Like Love FREE, today only!

Get Feels Like Love FREE, today only!

Christmas in Snow Valley is the perfect way for April Winston to introduce her city slicker fiance, Scott Mecham, to life on a farm. If only Wade Hadley, hometown boy and high school sweetheart, will cooperate!

But Wade has no intention of letting April go without a fight. This Christmas, he is determined to overcome their painful past and show April that she already has what she’s been seeking all along.

Free today only!

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New release: Sweet Noel

New release: Sweet Noel

Neither is looking for love, but is love looking for them?

Gina Andrews never imagined she’d be a single mother forced to move back to Indigo Bay and live with her parents. But she’s managing, all the while holding on to hope that her ex-husband will wake up to what he’s missing and agree to try again.

Noel Hamilton is a professional drifter and artist, in that order. He’s happy going wherever the wind takes him. He seeks freedom, art, and serenity.

When Noel meets the business end of Gina’s car and ends up in the hospital, he realizes he’s going nowhere fast. And when Gina’s mother steps in to help him, Gina and Noel are thrown together to stew in their mutual dislike.

But slowly, things change and as Indigo Bay prepares for the Christmas season, Gina begins to wonder if this year could be her sweetest Noel ever.

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We’re back!

We’re back!

Oof – I got the white screen of death last week from WordPress and this whole thing crashed. Thankfully, it’s fixed now and we can get back to our regular schedule of hardly ever posting.

What I’m Reading + Family Pic (August 4)

What I’m Reading + Family Pic (August 4)

Today is my parent’s 51 year wedding anniversary. Fifty-one years, can you believe it? I am so blessed to have them! They are wonderful examples of love, faith, and integrity and I treasure every moment and memory I have with them.

Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad! Here they are being all cute with the rest of my family. Six kids, five in-laws, and 19 grandkids later.

If you clicked on the link in my newsletter, you’re here for the extras. Here’s what I’m reading this week. I’m linking them here because I’m still trying to work out the balance between giving you enough information about the books vs. overwhelming you with text in my newsletter. Note, that as an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small percentage of sales from shares on this blog.

Match Made in Ireland

by Michele Brouder

Get three sweet romances in one box set.

A Match Made in Ireland: Have you ever wanted to press the escape button on your life?

Her Fake Irish Husband:  It’s a marriage of convenience for three months. But will it turn into something more?

Her Irish Inheritance: Two broken hearts and one dilapidated property that might just bring them together.

Get the Escape to Ireland box set here


Camping with the Billionaire

by Amberlee Day

He was her college crush—and then her stepsister’s boyfriend.

Now that they’re both older and wiser, will the stars align to give their budding feelings a chance?

Amid the backdrop of the Ozark Mountains, Maya and Parker come together for a common purpose—giving kids a memorable summer camp. The surprise event on the camp itinerary: Love.

But grumpy neighbors want to shut down the camp and the past doesn’t stay buried. Will Maya and Parker give their love a chance, or will it go up in smoke?

Get Camping with the Billionaire here


His Beauty

by Layla Holt

He’s the kind of man she knows to stay away from—Rich, arrogant, self-obsessed and sexy.

In other words, a carbon copy of her ex. The one who took one look at her scarred face and broke their engagement.

Luckily, there’s no chance that her boss Lance Cohan would be interested in someone like her. Men take one look at her face and take off in the opposite direction.

Then why is Lance drawn to her? Why does he find her laugh cute and why does he want to protect her from harm? Why can’t he stop dreaming about her? And why, when she’s in his arms, does he feel as if his wandering spirit has finally reached home?

Get His Beauty here

Happy Reading!

We did it! Sweet Kisses is a USA Today Bestseller!

We did it! Sweet Kisses is a USA Today Bestseller!

Hooray! I’ve been happy dancing all morning, ever since we learned that the Sweet Kisses box set ranked #37 on the USA Today bestseller’s list.

I know, my graphic is crap. I am too excited to properly focus and make a good one, and I didn’t want to jinx it by making anything in advance. That whole counting your chickens thing … who says author’s aren’t superstitious?

Thank you so much to everyone who bought copies, shared posts, and helped us reach the finish line. I’m over the moon and probably won’t be landing back on earth for a while.

Much love!


I’m still here!

I’m still here!

Wow – where has the time gone? I’m still here, still writing, still going in about a dozen different directions. Exciting updates coming … eventually. I’d say soon, but who are we kidding.

Much love to you all!

Christmas in Our Village

Christmas in Our Village

It’s always amazing and humbling when I see that people all over the world are reading my books and over the years, I’ve found that the sweet romance community of readers and authors is amazingly supportive, kind, and fun. It’s like we’re our own little village, only very spread out.

So this year, I want to introduce you to each other. This project is called “Christmas” but really it can be any holiday celebration. I want to see what brings the magic of December to you.

I’ll do a post later about Christmas in my own house, but first, a word about my mother. She is the most amazing woman I know and every year she put immense effort into making Christmas special for me and my five siblings. Six kids! Without the internet! I don’t know how she did it.

I don’t remember a single disappointed Christmas morning. I remember a lot of sleepless Christmas nights because we were too hyper and excited, but even when I was old enough to know a few secrets, her magic never failed me. I hope someday my own children can say that about me.

Part of Christmas lives on at my parents’ house year-round thanks to my mother’s Dickens village. I remember when she started collecting it and only had three houses. Now she has hundreds and she keeps them in a glass case to enjoy all the time. All these pictures are from her collection. I asked her to send me some photos of her favorites.

I already had daughters of my own when Mom got the case for the village. My younger daughter used to perch on a stool in front of it and make up stories. She’d talk just softly enough that you couldn’t understand, and she’d stop if you got too close. Even now, I wonder what magical tales she told herself as she sat there for hours at a time.

Then the grandsons came along and I think Mom has more than one plastic army man embedded somewhere in the village. It was pretty high currency for a while. My autistic son is not eager to express affection, but he was willing to trade a bear hug with Grandma for a chance to put a sniper on the roof of the castle!

I have a village of my own, but it is nowhere near the scale of my mother’s. No matter the time of year, going into her house and seeing the village all lit up immediately puts me in the Christmas spirit.

I love you, Mom!

Please join us by sharing the holiday traditions at your house. Email photos and/or stories to me at AuthorJeanetteLewis@gmail.com and I’ll post them here. Please include your country, state, or province so we can see how far around the world our village reaches. For privacy reasons, I will only include your first name and last initial in each post, or if you’d rather be totally anonymous, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!