Sweet Water High Romances

Sweet Water High Romances

Only my worst enemy can save me now.

Quite frankly, my senior year at Sweet Water High has been kind of lame. Okay, I got the lead in the school musical, but then I got stood up on Homecoming by Bentley Nielsen, the boy of my dreams. Even after he broke my heart, I’m still crushing on him. I know I should forgive and forget, but how can I when he’s never even apologized?

My only hope of saving senior year is to win the state drama competition. But in order to win, I have to do a romantic Shakespearean scene with, you guessed it, Bentley Nielsen. How could this get any worse?

One town. One high school. One year of sweet romances. Much Ado About a Boy is a stand-alone novel in the Sweet Water High multi-author series.

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