Our Christmas Ornament Tradition

Our Christmas Ornament Tradition

When I was five, my mom started the tradition of giving us a new ornament every year. Sometimes they were to commemorate something that had happened during the year – like when I got my first toe shoes – and other times they were simply pretty or unique ornaments. We’ve all continued the tradition with our own families and here are the ornaments I gave my four children this year …

Layla – she loves Avatar and specifically the water symbol:

Syd – she loves music. (This is a piece of sea glass with a silver note charm):

Aiden – this is the year he developed an obsession with sharks:

Evan – first year playing Lacrosse:

When we take the tree down, I’ll get out the ornaments I received as a child and take some pictures for you. Right now they’re all packed away safely out of the dog’s reach.

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