Christmas with Kimberley Montpetit and Christine Kersey

Christmas with Kimberley Montpetit and Christine Kersey

This is so much fun! I love getting these pictures and seeing how everyone celebrates this very special season. Today we have two more sweet romance authors.

Kimberley Montpetit has a cute little vintage car on her snow covered village roads and a tree with some gorgeous red bows.


And Christine Kersey’s tree is so colorful and packed with ornaments! I want to curl up in that comfy looking chair and read all day.


Join us in sharing the holiday traditions at your house. Email photos and/or stories to me at and I’ll post them here. Please include your country, state, or province so we can see how far around the world our village reaches. For privacy reasons, I will only include your first name and last initial in each post, or if you’d rather be totally anonymous, let me know.

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