Lincoln’s Lost Gold Series

Lincoln’s Lost Gold Series

Lincoln’s Lost Gold

Treasure hunting is loaded with danger and charged with love.

Six unlikely friends come together to search for Abraham Lincoln’s lost gold mine. Follow their adventures as they face off with other treasure hunters, secret brotherhoods, and unfamiliar dangers while navigated the trouble waters of falling in love.

If you enjoy stories like Indiana Jones and Dan Brown, you’ll love the fast-paced adventure and sweet romance of Lincoln’s Lost Gold Romances.

Unlike most of the series I write, these do need to be read in order.

Book One: For Heroes Proved

by Lucy McConnell

Bridger Obrien is a world renowned treasure hunter, but after a disastrous mutiny leaves one man dead, he limps to Washington D.C., seeking to salvage his career. He needs a new treasure hunt, a team and anonymity—the more people who believe he’s dead the better. When he stumbles upon a Library of Congress archivist who believes Abraham Lincoln left behind a gold mine worth billions, he jumps at the chance to uncover a historical mystery.

Cora Henderson doesn’t believe her father’s theory about Lincoln’s lost gold and she makes sure Bridger knows it. He may be a pirate, but she’s not about to let him steal her heart with his devil-may-care grin. When Cora’s family is thrown into a crisis, it’s Bridger who holds her through the darkest of nights. He’s a rebel, that’s for sure, but he’s also the only man who has ever kissed her until her safety nets fell away.

As his love for Cora grows, Bridger begins to rethink his adventurous lifestyle. He’d give up anything for the woman who is softness and curves against his rough edges. But when the clue they’ve been searching for rises from the archives, the sharks begin to circle. If he doesn’t jump back into dangerous waters, he could lose the find of a lifetime.

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Book Two: Love in Honor Given

by Jeanette Lewis

His brother may love the thrill of discovery, but Radley Obrien cares about Abraham Lincoln’s lost gold mine for one reason: the money. But as he searches for the treasure map in the sprawling Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois, Radley realizes he’ll need an insider’s help.

Skye Benson spends her days guiding tours in period costumes and has learned that hoop skirts are overrated. When Radley joins her tour, she’d drawn to the rugged stranger and agrees to help him look for the map. As their feelings for one another grow, Skye and Radley must decide if love is a fair trade for a secret gold mine.

But they’re not the only ones looking for the gold. As the team edges closer to the treasure, they discover everyone has a secret and friends can become enemies in a blink. The clues to the map are there, but can they put the pieces together in time?

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Book Three: Brotherhood Tested

by Lucy McConnell

Deacon Wilhelm and Sophia Pickens are part of a treasure hunting crew intent on finding Lincoln’s lost gold mine. The team decides to split up sending half of them to Illinois and the other half to Virginia to look for clues. As awesome as it would be to find the treasure, Deacon isn’t in the hunt for the money; he’s in it for Sophia’s heart. The only problem is Sophia’s older brother, Leo, is Deacon’s best friend. They’ve been through a lot and a betrayal like this could mean the end of the brother-bond between them.

With a father who abused her and a mother who drank so she could ignore the abuse, Sophia doesn’t trust easy. The one person, besides Leo, that she’d allow into her heart is Deacon. But Deacon has always kept his distance and she’s always been the little sister. When Leo gets called up on a special forces mission and has to leave the treasure hunting expedition, she’s hopeful that spending time alone with Deacon will allow him to see the woman she’s become.

As they hone in on the information that could unlock the location of the gold mine, dangerous forces attack from all sides. Sophia is kidnapped and held for ransom for the clue they haven’t found yet and Leo comes home his mission complete. If Deacon confesses his love for Sophia to Leo, he’ll lose the only brother he’s ever known—and that’s if they can find her before time runs out.

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Book Four: Love’s Shining Light

The hunt for Lincoln’s Lost Gold has led the team to Northern Idaho. For Heath Macgregor, explosives specialist, it’s the chance of a lifetime. He can’t wait to use his stash of illegal dynamite to blow up a mountain and uncover a gold mine. His cut of the haul will allow him to live carefree, and single, surfing in his beloved Southern Cali.

Jessie Adams is the sheltered daughter of the team’s investor. On a mission to prove she’s not just a spoiled rich kid, Jessie inserts herself into the treasure hunt without a clue as to what she’s doing. She’s not looking for love, but she can’t deny her attraction to Heath and his laid-back attitude.

Heath and Jessie spark an instant attraction, but a dangerous treasure hunt is no place for a novice or a new romance. The Mob is ready to steal their spoils and the Lincoln Historical Society aims to keep the gold mine a secret by any means necessary. Can Heath protect Jessie and still save Lincoln’s Gold from the enemies who want to snatch it away?

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